Stucco Crete, based in Gauteng is a cementicious wall & flooring company that prides itself in its versatility, quality products and service.

Our Products

Stucco Crete supplies a large range of beautiful, locally produced products. Suitable for applications ranging from industrial and commercial to residential seamless flooring and walls, Stucco is a stylish, naturally earthy product that is exceptional as an alternative to tiled flooring. Easy to clean, natural appearance and elegance accompanies STUCCO CRETE and highlights the features in which ever area it covers.

Why Tile? ... When you can Stucco?

Despite the stylish look of Stucco plasters they are also durable, hard wearing and hygienic. Stucco even be applied over underfloor heating as per normal tiles. Suitable for interior and exterior STUCCO CRETE believes in extensive product and substrate knowledge. Stucco is a renovator’s dream that sticks to anything and can be applied directly onto most existing floors such as tiles.

Our Expertise

With our highly trained applicators and years of experience in the interior industry, we can easily turn walls, floors, countertops and almost any other surface from dull to something unique. With the correct combination of technique, colour and skill we can recreate interior styles from across the world; Moroccan, African, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Modern, Hi-Tech, Classic, Medieval etc.

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